Telecommunication Installation

Al Nafay Technical Services is a Dubai based company that specialized in 2G/3G/4G/5G/LTE Sites Installation, Commissioning and Integration, BTS Site Swap (Cold and Hot Swap), BTS Sites Expansion, BTS Sites Dismantling, Microwave Installation, Commissioning and Integration, Microwave Traffic Migration/Cutover, Site Surveys and Reports Preparation, Sites Quality Cleanup and Prepare for PAT, Fiber Optic Cables Installation with Testing, Drive Test Performing and Report Processing, RF Optimization, Site Civil Work Maintenance includes, Site Fencing, Main Gate, Rooms, Towers, operating since the year of 2019.
From the very beginning we adopted a unique approach towards our clients, to provide their specific needs and delivering upon their expectations. Behind the name of Al Nafay Technical Services stands an experienced and professional team that works together to deliver and maintain the highest standards. Our highly qualified and skilled management allow us to capture a sizable share in all over UAE market. We are currently executing a number of projects in different premises
of commercial, residential and industrial type.


We strive to become one of the leading and most reliable technical services
in the UAE, continuously conforming to our ever-growing professional and
ethical demeanors as well as quality assurance standards to earn the
privilege of being your Contractor of choice.


Guided by our vision we shall deliver high-quality, cost-effective works
on schedule and enhance our client²s satisfaction through continuous
improvement of our business practices in terms of safety, quality,
services, delivery as well as environmental protection.


  • 2G/3G/4G/5G/LTE Sites Installation, Commissioning.
  • Integration BTS Site Swap (Cold and Hot Swap)
  • BTS Sites Expansion
  • BTS Sites Dismantling
  • Microwave Installation, Commissioning and Integration
  • Microwave Traffic Migration/Cutover
  • Site Surveys and Reports Preparation
  • Sites Quality Cleanup and Prepare for PAT
  • Fiber Optic Cables Installation with Testing Drive Test
  • Performing and Report Processing
  • RF Optimization
  • DC Power System Installation includes:
  • Rectifier Installation along AC Input Connectivity
  • Rectifier Battery Banks Installations
  • Site Civil Work Maintenance includes:
  • Site Fencing, Main Gate, Rooms, Towers etc


We Carried Out Following Projects with our Valued Business Partners.

  • Huawei-Etisalat MW Installations Etisalat
  • Huawei-Du LTE Roll-Out 201G
  • Huawei-Du 3G Roll-Out Project 201G
  • Nokia-Du LTE Roll-Out Project 201G
  • Huawei-Du LTE Roll-Out Project 201G
  • Huawei-Du IBS/DAS Project 2019
  • Huawei-Du LTE_IBS Roll-Out 2019
  • Etisalat Civil Scope : Mobile site Grounding Work
  • Du & Etisalat Civil Scope
  • New Roof Top Site
  • 5G Installation Civil & Ti / Ti Expansion
  • Wireless Broad Band / BB
  • Site Sharing
  • Wall Mount Installation
  • Installation of NPT Pole
  • Installation of New 5G Scope 2021/2022



We understand, determine and deliver highest standards of services.


We build trust authentically by delivering quality.


We believe in maintaining long-term relationship and fairness in all our dealings


We are committed to keep our word and honoring our commitment.